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About Us

We believe that global business is compatible with lateral thinking and Humanism.

We see global free-trade as a unique opportunity to discover and connect with people around the World and to build trust between diverse communities rallied around a common and unifying goal.

We challenge the anachronism of our nation-based political establishment. The fragmentation of the World in "countries" is now the barrier to Mankind's sustainability.
The  Earth Our Country initiative intends to rally the true Citizens of the World everywhere, around the cause of full globalization - a common fulfilling mission for democratic political unification.
This project intends to be a forum  for people to connect and realize that our World's political fragmentation   is turning obsolete.
With all good intents and legitimate  legacies, the anarchy of the countries prevents us to continue to flourish and ultimately succeed in  building a truly liberal, sustainable and humanistic society
Our civilization is now in the middle of a bridge, hesitant on which way to go.  Back to nations and protectionism or straight toward the unknown of Universalism ?

The  Earth Our Country  initiative starts with a book. It takes us through a journey, from our past  to our present and to what can be the potential sound wall of our extraordinary future.

We analyze the scenarios and avenues offered by a truly holistic  universal society, with an assertive proposition of what could be our most positive solution.

We offer a potential trajectory, from where we are to where this is all going.

The United Democratic States  can be seen as a complete Utopia.

All changes in History were also absolute dreams until they became evident realities:

Agriculture ten thousand years ago, a circular Planet six centuries  ago, Democracy three centuries ago, the industrial revolution two centuries ago, the automobile a century ago,  computers fifty years ago, globalization thirty years ago, the Internet twenty years ago, social networks ten years ago, full mobile  connectivity -now- and soon the Internet of the things.

The future is an invention, a constant discovery and an Utopia killer.

This book is published by Dorrance Publishing, both as an eBook and paperback, available on most online bookstores. 

However, we have decided to publish a special edition at the occasion of the international conference on climate change of Paris.
To  connect,  you can reach us at

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