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It's a Small World "After All"

San Francisco, November 1st. 2014
Dear you all,
It's been exactly a year since I finished to write Earth Our Country.
It's been a pivotal period.
Until 2013 anyone could still feel like globalization was winning, prosperity  here to stay, and reactions to democracy and freedom just noise as the world continued to progress at fast pace towards universalism and progress.   
Instead,  we have seen the first proof points of another way ahead.
We have learned with surprise that the world's unifying momentum could definitely move backwards.  We have seen a growing vacuum of global governance and order.
Israel has once again hit Gaza relentlessly, losing a little more of its international legitimacy. No international force has reacted.
With no help for the Syrian democrats and a lack of agenda for Irak, the Jihad is wining in the Middle-East, with an all-out war now at the doors of Turkey. The IS is carving a radical Califate which beheads western helpers or tourists on the Internet, as in the good old Middle Ages.   No international force has reacted.
Vladimir Putin has seen his dream come true, and a opportunity for trying to revive the USSR. Crimea is now Russian again. People in Donesk have been at war for five months, in the middle of Europe. No international force has reacted.
Worse for Europe, its economy is floundering again. Germany - its locomotive - is starting to lose steam. The Euro is still at risk, while nationalist agendas are winning ground. China and the emerging markets are slowing down, taking the overall global economic perspective to a horizon of overall stagnation and potential deflation. No alternative green economic engine has been ignited.
America remains stable economically, although Wall Street is playing the yoyo, but prepares for another divisive Presidential election. Drones have replaced boots on the ground outside, and there is less and less evidence of a sustainable will to continue to decisively police the global agenda. America could become an island, while non-democratic China is testing its international influence. No alternative world order is at sight.  
Globalization keeps progressing on two fronts though: epidemic diseases and global warming. 
Ebola has already killed thousands in Africa, paralyzing several countries while the first cases are starting to spread on other continents.  No international force has reacted.
This year has been the warmest year on record for 140 years.There was no global measurement before. No international force has reacted.

It remains a small world "after all"...
There is a solution, too simple to be true just yet.
Earth, Our Country.
Universally yours,

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