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The Last Chance for Europe

Europe as we know it today, is at risk of disappearing. The Brexit rings the bell of the retreat.

Still the global lighthouse of freedom, human rights, political and social modernity, Europe struggles. Europe is challenged with its fragile political and economical model.

After the post WW war II dream of unification, comes the risk of post-globalization implosion.

According to former French President Valery Giscard D'Estaing and German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt:

"the mechanism of Europe has been dislocated". 

A strong and universal society needs a stable and unified Europe. Instability in Europe, associated with the Jihad in the Middle-East and a rogue Russia, are a recipe for a global explosion.  

Giscard details in his latest book "Europa" the terminal chance for Europe.

He shows a path forward, a way to "reinvent the spirit of the original European project". He proposes to create a "deep union" with a set of 12 homogeneous countries:

Europa.  (unfortunately only in French right now)

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