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"Earth Our Country" directly inspired the Pope for his stunning encyclical on climate change
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By the end of 2013, we sent a copy of Earth Our Country to His Holiness Pope Francis in Vatican City. He studied our revolutionary thesis and gave birth to the historic Encyclical on Climate Change which was given at Saint Peter's on May 24 2015.  

We are truly honored to have stimulated such an immense reaction to our book. It is amazing to read the encyclical and compare it with our own thesis. So much was captured and repositioned in a Catholic Church context. Some was taken, some was clearly responded to with an opposite view. It is like a constructed response, an educated dialogue. In an amazing way, with an amazing man...

The Pope has grasped the modernism of the integral idea, the need for a true revolution which comprehends both social, political, economical and industrial dimensions.

We are blessed to have been heard in such a precise way.

The Pope has summarized the inner substance of our detailed findings and recommendations, while adding its own religious shell to morph the Earth Our Country recommendation into a new vision for Christianity.

Some of the phrases are almost literally identical, and the fundamental concept remains untouched. Reading both versions of such a similar and  cohesive vision actually shows how they reinforce each other. You can close your eyes and imagine the Pope reading Earth Our Country and cross what he hates, and encircle what stimulates his message. 

Of course, the encyclical remains attached to purely Catholic values and to the main dogmas of the Church. In this sense, it is forcefully conservative - against abortion, same-sex relationships...
But at the core, you can only be stunned by the revolutionary idea and the openness of the directive and the honesty of the intelligence behind it.
It is like an invitation to a new beginning for the world and for the Christians.

What the Pope did not endorse:

.  The end of the countries. He remains anchored to the countries and to local particularisms, above the need for a global culture - probably because they provide the stability and the foundation to the Church;

. The religious threat. He avoided to warn against the effect of the religious conflicts and the risks of religious extremisms. God in the Catholic sense remains the Creator of Earth - evidently this is at the core of the Church;

. The ultimate need for democracy. He does not criticize any political regime, and did not comment on the capacity of any politician to change our current course - too many totalitarian regimes have and will support the Church;

. The focus on resolving the conflict in the Middle-East. He does not comment the clash of civilizations between Christianity and Islam - Israel or Iran or the Islamic State - coming from him this would be taken as an attack;
. The capacity for global capitalism to remain a solution if its mechanisms are globalized and its excesses controlled. He remains forcefully opposed to the law of the market - clearly he is not a liberal economist.  

What the Pope totally endorsed:

. The wall immediately ahead of us, challenging the existence of mankind;

. The man-made destabilization of Planet Earth over the last 200 years;

. Our treason of the future generations, if we do not react fast with an integrated multi-faceted response;

. The need for a global holistic revolution, one which reinvents the consumerist civilization;

. One country alone cannot find or implement the solution. He clearly supports the creation of a stronger global political system - in his view the reinforcement of the global institutions - to deal with climate change; 

. The communicating valves between the countries - the rich and the poor - to build a common plan. He reinforces that the world is missing a plan for mankind, there is none;

. The capacity for the economy the be redirected towards a green model - as it is impossible for a purely market-led system to capture the necessity of protecting the future;

. The value of science - if utilized for a cohesive common purpose for humanity. This is a breakthrough recognition coming from a Pope;

. Inspired by the recommendations of our program, the Pope sees the potential for a number of parallel revolutions: with a new type of  agriculture, of city life, of education, of rebalancing of immigration and care for refugees...;

. The importance global public opinion to influence and ultimately change course.

Fundamentally, the Pope has totally integrated the idea of a finite world. He understood that since we deal as a realm of living creatures on the same planet, we deal with the same set of resources, once for all. We have moved from what was seen as an infinity of resources at the time of the sustained economic and human growth, to a ceiling. Planet Earth is our finite world, and we all own and share it.

This is a magic moment for our cause. The chance of winning the endorsement of such an iconic figure, the spiritual leader of billions of men and women around the world, is extraordinary.

May the wisdom of this innovative Pope win the masses - across all religions - and may the politicians managing our times take action in Paris at the next conference on climate change.

Universally yours,

Earth Our Country


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