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The book is now available !
Keeping you posted on the editing process
grand opening today !


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The book is now available !

Finally, on June 3rd. the book has been published, you can find it on Amazon and other on line distributors !

Happy readings,


Keeping you posted on the editing process

It's has taken a little longer than expected. But I am finished with the project finally.

Two weeks ago my final manuscript - which you can still download in the preview page on this website) was submitted to the editor.

Editing now is in progress, which means correcting grammar, orthography and fonts. By mid-November I will validate the changes, make a couple of final twists, and submit to the publisher - Dorrance - the final manuscript ready for production.

It is estimated that the publish date will be January 2014.

grand opening today !

Hello -

June 23rd. here in San Francisco.

So this is the grand opening of "Earth Our Country" - I took the leap of faith today to load the first eight unfinished chapters.

Enjoy, and hopefully survive ...

See what happens :-)

So far I am doing slow progress since so much else to do, managing one chapter a week in average, so more or less another 12 weeks to go, unless I decide to publish in two volumes - first the concept, then the project.

So there should be something out by end of September.
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